Thursday 22 November 2018

Only 2 more sleeps!

Can you believe it? Only more sleeps before Sinterklaas is in Cloverdale. Let's practice this important song... Sinterklaas is jarig..!

Dutch karaoke with English translation in this post.

It's Saint Nicholas birthday!
I'll prepare my shoe.
Hope that he will find it,
and reward me too!
I'll place in it some carrots,
and some hay I'm told.
Cause his loyal mare,
is worth it's weight in gold!

Tuesday 20 November 2018

Can you believe it? Only 5 more sleeps!

Lets practice another song! Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen..! Dutch karaoke with English translation in this post.

Good Saint Nich'las is in langley once again!
With his horse and Pete from sunny Spain.
And even if he can't stay long,
we hope he'll stop to hear our song!
Dear Saint Nich'las, the door is open wide
for you and Pete to step inside!
And we're singing, voices ringing
and our hearts rejoice!
'Cause the Saint loves all, good girls and boys!
And we're singing, voices ringing
and our hearts rejoice!
'Cause the Saint loves all, good girls and boys!

See Sinterklaasje kom maar binnen.. in karaoke

Sunday 18 November 2018

Vrijwilligers gezocht/volunteers needed

Vrijwilligers gezocht voor tijdens het Sinterklaasfeest!

Zonder vrijwilligers helaas geen feestje! En feestjes vinden wij allemaal erg leuk. Zeker het jaarlijkse Sinterklaasfeest.
We zijn nog hard op zoek naar meerdere vrijwilligers voor tijdens de dag zelf. Vind je het leuk om te asisteren met spelletjes, knutselen, helpen bij de keukencrew? Helaas is het alleen mogelijk poffertjes te verzorgen indien we genoeg vrijwilligers hebben. Laat het ons dat graag weten via
Het feest zelf is van 10am-2pm, inzet als vrijwilligers is per opgegeven beschikbaarheid! Voor een heerlijke Nederlandse hap wordt gezorgd!

Volunteers needed for Sinterklaas!

Without volunteers unfirtunately no party! And parties we all like. Especially the annual Sinterklaas celebration.
We are in high need of volunteers during the event. If you'd like to assist with the games, arts & crafts, be part of the kitchen crew, please let us know by sending an email to Unfortunately we can only serve poffertjes if we have enough volunteers.
The event is from 10am-3pm, an your volunteer hours will depend on your availability. You will be of course provided with very tasty Dutch snacks!

Thank you!

Friday 16 November 2018

We are looking for First Aid Respondents

We are looking for one or two persons to volunteer as First Aid Respondents. We prefer someone with at least level 2 First Aid qualification, and CPR level C. If you would like to help us out as a first aid responder, please contact Thank you.

Tickets going up in price in 1 day!

Only 8 more days for Sinterklaas to arrive in Cloverdale!!

Did you get your tickets for Sinterklaas? You better hurry and buy them NOW because the price is going up in ONE day from $7 to $10! Tickets are going very fast.

Sunday 11 November 2018

Sinterklaas journaal!

Guess what's starting tomorrow Monday November 12?? Sinterklaas Journaal!!! Check it out to see what I'm up to this year!! Every day a new journaal! Click here to go the page.

Thursday 8 November 2018


Curious about the food that will be available November 24? Please click here! There will be kroketten, frikandellen, puddingbroodjes and more. Please note that poffertjes can only be served if there are enough volunteers. Please sign up for a volunteer position as all help is appreciated (email @!