Terms and conditions

The following terms & conditions (the "terms") form agreement between you and the Sinterklaas Committe which is endorsed by De Dutch Network and De Esdoorn - Dutch Language and Culture School Society (the "Sinterklaas Committee") in relation to the Sinterklaas online event on Zoom (the "Venue") on November 27, 2021 from 10:30am to 11:15pm (the Sinterklaas celebration").
These terms apply to the entire event including pre and post event activities.
Please completely read these Terms, which (except as per specifically noted below) apply to any and all Services provided by the Sinterklaas Committee or third-party provides in which include important limitations, exclusions and disclaimers that affect your rights.

If you do not receive a confirmation by email when you place your order, or if you receive an error message after submitting payment information, it is your responsibility to follow up with a Sinterklaas committee representative (sinterklaasBC@gmail.com) in order to confirm whether your order has been processed. The Sinterklaas committee will not be responsible for any losses, monetary or otherwise, that you may have suffered if you do not receive your confirmation by email.

You agree to not share the meeting link with anyone else, on social media or public outlets.

Admission is subject to compliance with applicable laws, by-laws, regulations, organizer and Venue rules. We reserve the right to refuse admission or request the departure of those who fail to comply with these rules:
  • Ticket holders are required to conduct themselves in a considerate manner that enables the enjoyment of other participants. We reserve the right to refuse admission to the venue and/or remove those behaving in an objectionable manner disturbing to others from the Zoom-meeting. 
  • The event will include the arrival of performers representing Sinterklaas and Pieten. If you object in any way to their appearance or performance or to the celebration of this Dutch tradition, please do not attend.
Photographs and videos may be taken by the organization and attendants and posted on the blog page at www.sint.ca and/or the Facebook page: facebook.com/SinterklaasBC (you need to be logged into Facebook to see this page) or another website and Facebook page, and by your attendance at the venue you consent to such use of your images and hereby waive and disclaim any and all rights you may have in such images or the use thereof.
If you do not wish to be photographed, please turn off your video.

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